Message From the CEO

“We have to make some changes to grow.
We have to keep some things to grow."
George Saitou

"IT business but with an analog mind"
A ship named PortHofner sailed into the horizon in exploration of new opportunities with this slogan.

We sailed strongly, we sailed straight, we sailed in high spirits!
The driving force of this successful voyage was the ideas and counsel of the ship's sailors and their sundry backgrounds.

From the one who loves sports - “It’s much better to run in freedom than in subjection!”
The music enthusiast sings, “There’s a thing which is more important than instrumental technique, the message from your soul"
The one who with an affable personality charms, "Discussions do little, yet still can unravel a tangled thread!”
The chef simmers, "It is a precious moment to share feelings while having a meal together!”
The one who has lived overseas reciprocates, “There is more significance in understanding instead of judging each other’s differences!”
The aesthetic admires, “The most important thing for people is one’s personality, and one’s appearance chronicles that personality!”
The one who smiles beams, “A smile in a hard situation contagiously causes others to smile too!”
And the one who has a mind of wide scope projects, “There are members with various opinions ―and that is our strength!”
In order to continue this expedition, we have to transform to grow but retain the familiar that has made us successful.

“We have to make some changes to grow. We have to keep some things to grow."
Our journey continues and will be more interesting!

President & CEO George Saitou

CEO George Saitou